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Craughwell The Village


The village lies on the main Galway to Dublin road. 

The village of Craughwell is a rather peaceful place.  It is noted for its neatness and its village green has a statue of Lady Augusta Gregory, (1852-1932) a founding member of the Irish National Theatre and another of Anthony Raftery (c1784-1835), last of the great Gaelic bards (Reftery was blinded by small pox while very young) both statues were crafted by sculptor, Donal O' Murhcadha.  Other noted people associated with Craughwell include John and Angelica Huston of Cinima fame who lived for a period in the old mansion of St. Clerans nearby, birth place of Robert O' Hara Burke, the first explorer to cross Australia from south to north.  The kennels of the local hunt, the famous Galway Blazers, are nearby.

The local countryside has a number of field monuments: ruins of castles, gallery graves, pillar stones, ring barrows and tumuli.  There is a field monuments glossary to be found here, describing many of the types to be found in the region.

The poetry of Raftery

Poet, harpist and composer of songs

Raftery as Gaeilge

English Translation

Mise Raftery an file, lán dóchais 's Grádh
Le suilibh gan Soluis, le ciunas gan crádh
Dul siar ar mo aistear le solus mo Chroidhe
Fann agus tuirseadh go deireadh mo shlighe
Feach anois mé 's mo aghaidh ar bhalla
Ag seinm ceoil le pocaibh falamh.

 I am Raftery the poet, full of hope and love
Having eyes without sight, lonely I rove.
Going on my journeying by my heart's light
Weary and tired of unending night.
Take a look at me now with my back to a wall
Singing and playing for nothing at all.

The films of John Huston

John Huston Film Director



The Village Church and Raftery Monument

Craughwell Church

The Inside of the Church

Raftery the Poet


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