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  Galway's First Citizen

Peter Feeney

  Galway Civic Offices  




Galway County Council

Galway Civic Museum





Galway City Council


Galway Education



National University of Ireland Galway

Galway Technical Institute

College of Further Education




Galway Mayo

Institute of Technology




Galway City

Vocational Education Committee


Galway's Youthreach Services


Galway Youthreach

Piscatory School Claddagh Quay

County Galway

Vocational Education Committee

  Galway Business  


Economic and Community Development


Galway Harbour Company


Galway Chamber of Commerce


World Famous Book Shop and Art Gallery


Royal Tara

More than just China


   Galway Crystal Glass

  Galway Media  

Local Free Newspaper

Regional Newspaper

Connaught Tribune

  Galway Sporting Websites  

Galway United





Galway Bay Sailing Club

Galway Races


Corinthians  Rugby Club



Galway Golf Club

Galway GAA


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