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The Irish Famine, 1846-1850

Many Irish citizens departed their native shores in search of a better life on board the coffin ships bound for the new world of the USA and Canada.  The Craughwell's or Croughwell's were no different.  Here are the records of some Craughwell Family members who emigrated from Ireland to the US in 1848 and 1849.  This would be during the Famine years the worst of which was 1847 (commonly referred to as Black 47).  For more information on the Irish Famine visit the Steve Taylor's Views of the Famine website.

CRAUGHWELL, Ahascragh (Galway ) Crown Estate of Irvilloughter, May / June, 1848, (Thomas CRAUGHWELL and his sisters Hannah and Mary along with his brother Patrick left Ashcragh in May/ June of 1848 for Galway and sailed on the Sea Bird for Quebec. They arrived in Quebec in July and possibly New York some six weeks later.), Ambrose Craughwell.

"Sea Bird"

List of Passengers from Galway to Quebec on Ship SEA BIRD, 15 June 1848.

Peter Craughwell              40
Winifred Craughwell           38
Kitty Craughwell              20
Catherine Craughwell          18
Mary Craughwell               16
Bridget Craughwell            14
Rose Craughwell               13
Ellen Craughwell              11
Patrick Craughwell             8
John Craughwell                4
Thomas Craughwell             20
Honoria Craughwell            18
Mary Craughwell               16
Pat Craughwell                15



List of Passengers from Galway to Quebec on Ship NORTHUMBERLAND, 17 August, 1849

Michael Craughwell       20
Ann Craughwell           22
Ellen Craughwell         16
Nancy Craughwell         41
Pat Craughwell           20
Margaret Craughwell      17


Craughwell, Michael, d. 06/25/1879, KY, Plot: B 15 1, bur. 06/25/1879. (this may be the Michael adverted to above)


The Only Craughwell to be Transported 
    AGE:   0      	     SEX: M 	          ALIAS:

PLACE OF TRIAL: Co. Galway               	  TRIAL DATE: 25/07/1849
PLACE OF IMPRISONMENT:                           DOCUMENT DATE:

	CRIME DESCRIPTION: Burglary and robbery
	SENTENCE: Transportation 10 yrs

PETITIONER:                           	 RELATIONSHIP:


Data from the Irish National Archives


For more detail on the famine visit the following websites

The International Famine Centre The Great Irish Famine National Archives of Ireland

Replica of an Irish Emigrant Ship


The First Immigrant Landed on Ellis Island January 1, 1892

15-year-old Annie Moore arrived from Ireland on January 1st  1892, she was the first person to enter the United States through Ellis Island.

This monument which depicts Annie and her two brothers may be seen at her point of departure at Cobh, County Cork, Ireland.




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